What we do

We support women and youth to reach their full potential!

LBOC Fund offers a range of impactful programmes to empower and uplife previously disadvantaged youth. These programmes include:

Business Growth Programme for Female Entrepreneurship

The Business Growth Programme for Female Entrepreneurship is designed to support and nurture female entrepreneurs from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Through this programme.

LBOC provides targeted training, mentorship, and access to resources and networks to help women entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses. 

By empowering female entrepreneurs, the programme aims to contribute to gentder equality, economic growth, and job creation.

Youth Entrepreneurship Programmes

LBOC’s Youth Entrepreneurship Programmes focus on equipping young individuals with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to start and run their own business. 

Through entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and access to financing opportunities, LBOC empowers young entrepreneurs to unleash their potential, create sustainable businesses, and contribute to economic development and job creation.


LBOC offers learnerships to provide practical work experience and skills development opportunities for young individuals. 

These learnerships are designed to bridge the gaps between formal education and the workplace, allowing participants to gain hands-on experience, acquire industry-relevant skills, and enhance their employability. 

By facilitating learnerships, LBOC aims to enhance youth employment prospects and support the groth of a skilled workforce.

Agricultural Programmes

LBOC recognises the importance of agriculture as a key sector for economic development and food security. 

The Agricultural Programmes offered by LBOC focus on empowering young individuals to pursue careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture. 

Through training, mentorship, and access to resources, LBOC supports aspiring farmers and agripreneurs in building successful agricultural enterprises and contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

These programmes, tailored to the specific needs of the target groups, form the core of LBOC’s efforts to create lasting impact and empower previously disadvantaged youth. By providing education, skills development, mentorship, and support, LBOC aims to unlock the potential of young individuals, create economic opportunities, and drive positive change in communities

Partnership Objectives

General public

The way to a better tomorrow is by working together today. At the LBOC Fund, we appeal to every general South African’s desire to build the nation and contribute to a brighter shared future. We invite the public to join forces with us as we realise the LBOC Fund’s mandate of building our country together.


Today’s dynamic, future-focused corporates recognise the importance of attracting the right human resources and having effective talent management initiatives in place. When corporates partner with the LBOC Fund, they contribute to their Skills Development (SD) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) spend for B-BBEE compliance while also benefiting from a strategic selection process, program management, and the opportunity to support the growth of young entrepreneurs.


Philanthropists who support the LBOC Fund contribute to the welfare of others and the long-term development of society. Their support enables the education, mentorship, and development of promising young leaders, empowering them with the skills and resources to drive growth in their communities.

Individual Sponsoring

Individual have the opportunity to fund a student and see them through their university life cycle. This involvement plays a major role in a student’s life, providing support and opportunities for growth and development.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference and bring a brighter future for the youth of South Africa. Let's join hands and empower the next generation to create positive change in our society.